Monday, May 18, 2009

Leatherman Skeletool CX (830849)


A multi-tool?

Well, I figured if I was going to do SAKs then I might as well add the Skeletool since it is one of the few multi-tools that can conceivably replace a typical EDC folding knife with little/no loss of utility and function.

Victorinox Rescue Tool (53900)

Hey, it has a friggin' windshield saw.

Victorinox Soldier (53929)

This model was actually the first folding knife I bought after deciding I was into that sort of thing. I recall making a thread on bladeforums asking advice about a good first folder and among the recommendations the Soldier caught my eye for some reason. I ordered it at the same time as an Inova X5 and X1 and had my first EDC that lasted me through my first Summer of College.

To think that I actually walked around with two lights totaling less than 20 lumens and a small slipjoint for my EDC! And that was it. I was prepared though, the tools on the Soldier came in handy quite often. It seems like when you first start EDCing a SAK there are all sorts of things to fix. The world is fresh, new and slightly loose. Things need fixing or adjustment, people ask for your help. But after a few years it seems like everything in your sphere of influence has been screwed tight or repaired and your tools just don't see much use.

I remember when I was working my first dishwashing job using the Soldier to adjust the temperature booster on our dishmachine. I think the only reason I was allowed to do so was because I had a SAK, it's almost like the knife expressed a certain intellect upon the user and let me slide by and do something that was generally outside the scope of my duties.

Now, this particular knife isn't actually the first Soldier I've had. The original one I bought after the bladeforums thread was "lost" while sitting in class during the fall of that year. It fell out of my pocket and when the girl sitting next to me picked it up to hand back to me (the only boy in the class) I was too embarrassed to admit it was mine. I'm fairly sure it either ended up in the lost & found or the trash. Probably the latter, it was a Women's Studies class after all.

Boker Subcom (BO589)

I was enamored with this knife when it was first released. My example is one of the earlier ones that has 420J steel, produced before Boker upgraded to AUS-8 for this model.

It's a Chad Los Banos (mentioned previously in the Spyderco Lava post) design that really caused a lot of chatter when it was first released. There were, and still are very few small knives that have good ergonomics like the Subcom. 'Course, it's not all good, the large jimping become uncomfortable when a lot of pressure is needed. I also had some issues with sharpening the blade due to the shape but that is most likely a failing on my part. Overall a nice knife but I retired it after a few months because I just didn't need two knives in my EDC.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

RAT Model-1 Folder

I hesitate to include this knife because I have a real problem with how it was priced after I purchased it, but it is still in my collection so here it is. I did a review over at Bladeforums. I forget the details but a few months after I purchased the knife some issue occured and the knife dropped in price by almost half, I was pretty miffed about this and remember finding the explanation very unsatisfactory. Bottom line is that before buying from Ontario you need to be very sure you are going to be satisfied with the price they're charging. RAT cutlery and Ontario have since split and I believe the model is discontinued.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

A.G. Russell Fruit Testing Knife

I have a special consideration for fruit testing or sausage testing knives. When I saw A.G. Russell has a version with modern materials I had to pick one up. It's a really nice thin and light folder that cuts very well.