Monday, May 18, 2009

Boker Subcom (BO589)

I was enamored with this knife when it was first released. My example is one of the earlier ones that has 420J steel, produced before Boker upgraded to AUS-8 for this model.

It's a Chad Los Banos (mentioned previously in the Spyderco Lava post) design that really caused a lot of chatter when it was first released. There were, and still are very few small knives that have good ergonomics like the Subcom. 'Course, it's not all good, the large jimping become uncomfortable when a lot of pressure is needed. I also had some issues with sharpening the blade due to the shape but that is most likely a failing on my part. Overall a nice knife but I retired it after a few months because I just didn't need two knives in my EDC.

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