Sunday, June 21, 2009

Kershaw External Toggle (1900)

Picked this guy up at the BLADE Show a few weeks back. It's been in my pocket ever since. A really interesting design from Grant and Gavin Hawk produced by Kershaw. : Check the G & G website for some more information or their other awesome designs right here. I spoke with Gavin for a few minutes at BLADE and would just like to relate how personable and friendly he was. I got to handle some of his and his father's custom designs and will say that they are worth every penny. The custom E.T. is a real treat, it's a little different that the production version and is something I would really like to own one day. Not to mention the custom MUDD, RAM and DOG! Well, one can dream.

Focusing back on the E.T.; it's an impressive design with a lot of moving parts and unique open/close/lock system. I'm working up to a full review but in the meantime here is a link to cutlerylover's review to help explain how this knife works.

I really like it overall, definitely one for the collector in me. Of course that is what everyone says about this knife. But really, how does it actually work as an EDC blade? So far it's a little slower to get into action tha a regular folder (due to the safety) but otherwise it cuts very well and has one of the strongest possible "locks" for a folder. Expect to see an update with a link to my full review within the next month or so.

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