Sunday, November 1, 2009

CRKT Hawk D.O.G. (4504)

Another G & G Hawk collaboration!

The CRKT D.O.G. or Deadbolt Over Grabstep was the first production G & G Hawk collaboration that I am aware of. I believe it was released in 2003 by CRKT and came feature packed. In the box you get the knife and two different sets of Zytel scales, each set has a different texture for personal preference. The knife has a unique pocket clip system in that the clip is under tension from an o-ring that sits between the clip screw and the pocket clip spacer that allows the pocket clip a little bit of wiggle room to make insertion and removal a little easier while still giving a solid hold. The lock system is very easy to use and appears to be extremely strong. Only minor complaint is that the Zytel scales are a little fat and can make access to the locking tabs a little difficult.

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