Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Benchmade Griptilian (550BKOD)

This folder came to me before the whole "Boycott Benchmade" thing, before the Vex and whatever other else that happened and caused some ill-will between fans of the Spyder and Benchmade. I missed most of that episode and still haven't devoted any serious thought to the matter so for the time being I will table any discussion of it.

I carried the Grip for a while but never quite took a shine too it. The lack of a choil and the uncomfortable back spine jimping eventually caused it to be retired. It did end up being lost for several months after I lent it to my girlfriend to use on her vacation to a TreeHouse Hostel in Southern Georgia. We re-discovered it in a hotel room in Chicago when she was unpacking the sleeping bag she brought with to sleep in the van on the way home. I was quite overjoyed to say the least, it's a fairly rare model and one I carried long enough to become attached to. It was nice to have it back.

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