Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Massad Ayoob (C60)

Picked this one up on a whim.

It's an interesting model, designed by an interesting man. I believe the main point of the Ayoob is related to self-defense, something I don't particularly focus on so I'll just fill you in on the utility and overall feeling of the knife. I'll let Don Rearic tell you about the self-defense capabilities of the knife.

Whenever I open a package containing a knife I've bought over the internet I am always surprised at how much smaller it is than I expected it to be. This is a common trait of those of use who buy our knives solely from online sources and one of the neat surprises that come with every knife.

The Ayoob shattered this surprise by being both larger and heavier than I had expected. It also has a funky profile while closed that just didn't feel right in the pocket. Once I got it open and actually cut with it I was very impressed with the ergonomics and blade style. The negative blade angle has the same effect as I mentioned on the Schempp Khukuri earlier. It seems to align with the body better than a more zero/more acute angle blade. Overall it's an excellent piece but I found the weight and odd shape in the pocket to be less than desirable and retired it from my carry shortly after I got it.

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