Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The CRKT E-Lock Starlight (7343)

I used to have a thing for CRKT knives. My first true EDC ever was a CRKT KISS Tanto I carried in High School. I flirted with a CRKT collection for a few years but eventually got rid of most of them in favor of the more lefty friendly and higher quality Spydercos.

This is one of those odd-duck knives that you find in your collection for no good reason. Maybe you bought it because it was cheap or it came to you in trade but whatever the reason it's never been used or carried and just hangs out in the box in your safe. The E-Lock is one of those knives. I like it, I think the design is good as is the implementation but I've just never got around to carrying it and it ain't worth it to me to try and sell the darn thing. Oh well, it does feel good in the hand and has a nice locking system.

You can check out some of Mr. Elishewitz's work here.

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  1. Different folks, different strokes.

    My EDC is a Starlight.

    I'm a 'knife knut", and have many folders. I've carried many different ones for a few days or weeks, but keep coming back to that Starlight. It fits my hand, fast and easy action, excellent lock,... what can I say except the AUS8 steel isn't the absolute best for holding an edge.