Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Native (C41BK)

This was the second Spyderco knife I owned. It's the S30V version that infiltrated Wal*Mart stores for a few years and was the best deal running at the time for $39.40 + Tax out the door. Of course I bought it online two or three years before this for @$60, that is definitely worthy or some eye-rolling.

I carried this knife for a few weeks while I was holding down two jobs and a full school load at the University I attended. It was a weird time for me, living on my own, very poor and extremely busy. I didn't mind the school and my first job, it was the second that was something else. I worked at a franchised Italian restaurant named Johnnie Carino's. It wasn't a good place to work, I was one of the only young college students that worked in the kitchen, washing dishes. It was a horrible job, everything was either greasy and hot or sharp and hot. The second or third night shift I worked I had two helpers and we didn't leave the kicthen until 3:00am, even though our shifts were secheduled to end at 11:00pm. After that I switched to days so I could still go to school but I shudder at thinking of how I used to wake up on those cold January days at 6:00am and head in to work, always starting with mopping the floors and having the day get worse from there.

I did make it out alright though, the two jobs afforded me enough to live comfortably and my grades for the semester were decent. I dropped the second job later the next semester when it became too much to deal with and I acquired a promotion at the other restaurant I would spend the next 3 years at. I also switched to another EDC and ended up sending the Native to my brother who had called me one day excited about his new job working as a factory mechanic and related how he needed a good knife. He liked the Native and EDC'ed it for a few years until I somehow ended up with it back. He's the one that broke the tip off and is responsible for the JB Weld stains on the blade. I think it's pretty cool just the way it is. It's warn and it's beat up but there is a lot of life left in the blade.

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