Friday, April 17, 2009

The Orange 93mm Rescue (C14OR)

Although we've already seen one Rescue model and one Atlantic Salt model, the latter of which shares the same handle, I figured I had to put up my Orange Rescue as well. You know, keep things nice and round.

I got this model in trade for a flashlight from the now defunct Pentagonlight. I feel I really got the better end of the deal. This knife is a nice in-between separating the much older Rescue C14S with the FRN clip and the much newer Atlantic Salt C89. Compared to the older model it is much more defined. The lines are more crisp and overall the knife feel better and more performance oriented. It has some different features as well, most noticeable is the hump on the blade and the Boye Dent.

The hump is there to aid in different grips, the index finger goes into the depression and is supposed to give more control when making certain cuts. I found it somewhat "off," my hand just did not conform to the cutout and subsequent handle interaction with the rest of my hand. This is odd because I am familiar with this grip and use it quite often on my other knives with no problems.

Also note the smaller bottom choil and the lack of jimping. This area is one I feel needed development and was eventually perfected on the Atlantic Salt, here it can be seen wanting on some of the more choked up grips.

*ETA: Here's a link to some more pictures and smallish review when I first got the knife. Artwork provided by Mr. C. Keen Zero.

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