Friday, April 24, 2009

The Kershaw RAM (KS1910/KS1910CKT)

I've always been a fan of Grant and Gavin Hawk's designs. My first exposure was in the form of the CRKT DOG, a knife I never *actually* owned but did consider buying several dozen times. I missed that design but when the Hawk-designed RAM rolled around I was intrigued again. After reading dozens of reviews and studying lots of pictures I added it to the top my purchase list. Of course, I've not been known to follow any such list so it took a while for me to actually buy it.

8 months later I got to handle one at a vendor table at the 2008 Blade Show and was blown away. I ran to the ATM but by the time I got back the knife was sold and I couldn't find another plain edge model in the entire show.Unperturbed I managed to snag one off the BladeForums classifieds for a very good price. The ease of use, lefty friendly lock and clip and just overall quality of the blade knocked Spyderco out of the EDC line-up for several months.

Here's the black version in hand. I haven't gotten around to using this one; seeing as it basically serves as a pre-need replacement right now but I have extensive use of the uncoated model in the last picture.

Here's a little plug for the G & G Hawk website; they've got some really neat stuff!

*ETA: Here's a link to some more pictures and a smallish review of the RAM.

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