Friday, April 10, 2009

The SpydeRench (T01S)

Based on my on-line activity over the past few years I am actually more of a Multi-Tool guy than strictly a knife guy. I post over at quite a bit and have amassed a monstrous collection of multi-tools. More on this later.

Anyway, the SpydeRench is Spyderco's take on the Multi-tool concept. It is...interesting, to put it nicely. The tools works but it is requires, as one poster at put it; quite a bit of "fiddle-factor" to run it as an EDC tool. My best friend took a peek at it after being shown some of the more mainstream tools and described it as "janky."

Whichever adjective you prefer, the tool was at least worthy of collecting and was the first to feature a premium blade steel in a multi-tool, as well as a bunch of other firsts.

*I will say that I am somewhat perplexed and disappointed at the re-release of the tool. It doesn't gel with the Spyderco philosophy, re-releasing a tool that was marginal, at best, with no new features and updates, produced in two different countries?

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